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 Rules and Regulations of The Forerunner Guard

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Forerunner High Command - Media Manager & Foreign Relations
Forerunner High Command - Media Manager & Foreign Relations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations of The Forerunner Guard   Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:44 am

Quote :
Part 1: Base Rules

1. All members must follow a respectable, responsible, and mature manner at all times.

2. All members must follow all Rules and Regulations at all times.

3. If any member violates any Rules or Regulations, notify either Pony or Chaos.

4. Each time a member is reported for a violation, they accumulate 1 strike. If any member has 3 strikes, they will be removed from the clan.

Quote :
Part 2: Loyalty

1. There will be no "double duty". If you are a member of TFG, you may not, under any circumstances have membership with any other Halo related clans, organizations, ECT.

2. All personnel must wear the proper emblem at all times.

Quote :
Part 3: Respect

1. Treat every member with respect, along with every player we encounter.

2. T-Bagging is not allowed.

3. Profanity must be kept to a minimum.

4. No racism, sexism, etc is allowed.

Quote :
Part 5: Responsibilities

1. All personnel must attend all clan functions unless a valid reason is produced. For every clan function missed without reason, members will get 1 strike.

Quote :
Part 6: Disciplinary Action

1. All members are expected to follow all rules and regulations at all times, and if they do not do so, they will be punished accordingly.

2. There is a 3 strike rule. You have 3 chances, and once you have violated your 3rd chance, you will be removed from the clan.

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Rules and Regulations of The Forerunner Guard
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