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 Example: DrunkPonyMaster's Enlistment

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Forerunner High Command - Media Manager & Foreign Relations
Forerunner High Command - Media Manager & Foreign Relations

Gamer Tag : DrunkPonyMaster Posts : 122
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PostSubject: Example: DrunkPonyMaster's Enlistment   Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:54 am

This is an example of a good Enlistment.

First and Last Name? Christian Rassey

Gamertag? DrunkPonyMaster

Date of birth? 9/29/1996

Age? 15

Time zone? EST -5:00

Did you find us by an ad, or video? I saw you on the Waypoint Forums

If found by an ad, who posted it? DrunkPonyMaster

Halo: Reach Rank? Mythic

Preferred Playlist(s)? Why? Super Slayer, Team Objective, Griffball, Swat, and BTB. I like to play competitive slayer and objective based games.

Do you prefer close quarters maps, mid range maps, or long range maps? Why? I prefer mid to long range maps. I am good with a sniper and dmr.

What type of halo player are you? Aggressive, Flag Runner... Etc? I am more of an aggressive player. I do go for the objective, but i'll go out of my way to get a few kills, and quiet possibly just forget about the objective all together.

Name all past clan memberships, your rank, and job? I was a private in the Spartan Corps. Now i am leader of The Forerunner Guard.

What interests do you have in joining The Forerunner Guard? You guys seem pretty awesome, and i want a fair clan.

Briefly Describe yourself. This is up to whoever enlists. Just put any information that makes you special. For example, I was captain of the Varsity Swim Team at my High School last year, and will be again this year, and most likely next year as well.

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Example: DrunkPonyMaster's Enlistment
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