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 Machinima Episode #1

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Veteran Forerunner

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PostSubject: Machinima Episode #1   Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:53 pm

Akuma, Chap, and I worked on this. Chap did a great job revising it, and made tons of improvements!

Machinima Ep 1
(falcon lands on base platform)
(Chaos and Pony get out and are welcomed by deck crew, the spartans move through the corridor to meet with the Base Leader)
Base Leader: Chaos, welcome to the big suck! Covenant forces have sent wave after wave of forces stopping any of our attempts to push forward! That’s why you’re here. Your task is to remove this area’s commander, Helios ,He’s a tough one, and ODST’s couldn’t even take this guy down, that’s why you're here. We’ll give you support as you go in, after that, you’re pretty much on your own...
Chaos: Got it.
Base Leader: Then good luck spartan.
(------------- move out the command, down the corridors)
Chaos: You’d think ODST support would be able to complete ‘such task.
Pony: Well they couldn’t. That’s why we’re here, let’s get it done and get out in one piece!
( The spartans speed up their walking speed, out the Base and near the cave entrance. They run in firing their weapon at the enemy firing back)
Random Soldier: We got spartans! Give those Spartans some cover fire!
(Soldiers increase their suppression on the enemy, and the spartans manage to get inside)
(Spartans get through the enemy defences and into the cave)
Pony: Wait, something's on the radar. Go slow~...
(Pony looks out other cave and sees elite patrol)
Pony: we've got elites!
(Elites spot them, a rawrr comes from one, and an elite fires a concussion rifle shot, just missing them)
Chaos: Alright, get ready. We'll get past them, then take down that commander
(Akuma-entering scene- shoots elite from an area where the spartans can’t see them)
Chaos: What, and who was that?
Pony: These elites are dead!
(Chaos and Pony continue on inside cave, down into water)
(2 elite’s walks up by an opening cave)
Elite: Humans!-in a elite manner-
(Akuma, sniping one from behind, then running up to assassinate the elite)
Akuma: Let's go.
(out by opening of cave/ covie side)
(Akuma spots wraiths, wraith spots them, and the 3 take cover)
Akuma: I know how you guys are going to get in.
Chaos: Who are you?
Pony: Yeah! -replying with Chaos-
Akuma: I’m Akuma. Part of the Task Force Squad, my squad have split-up.
Chaos: Okay, so, what’s the plan?
Akuma: Wraiths, we all get into one so they can’t see us, and drive right into the enemy base.
Pony: Quite risky... better be worth it though, let’s go.

(Wraiths are parked up, they each get into one)
Pony: Do you know how to drive this thing Akuma?
Akuma: Basic training, there pretty simple
(Akuma, firing the main cannon, destroying some plasma batteries)
Chaos: Try not to do anything... a covenant wraith driver “wouldn’t, do”
-end of part-

(wraiths stop at shield, elite walks up and jumps into Chaos' wraith turret)
(Elite shield door guard walks by the wraith, then points towards the back of the base with his weapon)
(The Wraiths move alone the road, Akuma being infront. Elites walk near the wraith and Akume accidently hits one of them, the elite in confusion, looks at his elite team near him. The Wraiths plod on and park at the back of the base, they each get out, Chaos and Pony, look at each other -camera far away, in a way that the camera cannot hear them- , both nod to each other, and activating active camoflauge, Akuma, firing his pistol into the air, all the elites look at Akuma in confusion to whats going on, and then he switches to his sniper, taking a headshot to an elite close by. He swaps the pistol for a focus beam and then takes cover behind the wraith, as the elites around suppress him down with plasma rifle fire. He fires the focus beam into the air, and all the elites take cover -cut to the next part-
(back at human base)
(Base leader walks into the command area)
Technical Marine: Com-link reestablished, we now have com’s to the troops in the field.
Base leader:(walking over to the computer) How’s it going?!?
Chaos:(Camera looking at a wall -where Chaos and Pony are in camoflauge- We are making our way up to the target.
(The fighting continues)
Base Leader: Status!
Chaos: Don’t worry, we had it under control, or, Akuma, has it under control.
Base Leader: Copy that, air-space is pretty clear, I’ve scrambled falcons to your location for support
(Chaos and Pony continue through the base corridors, Pony’s camo flickers and disables, Pony runs in, firing his gun at the enemy who’s infront of them, Chaos makes a right and up the stairs, which leads to the covenant command centre.

Upon him in the room, he disables camo, and the only people in the room, are Chaos and Helios
Helios: Hello, DEMON!
(Door closes behind Chaos)

Helios: Came to my attention you “Spartans” are becoming a burden to the great journey! Well, your ‘spartan career’ ends here! (Igniting his energy sword)
Chaos:(Pulling out his shotgun, and fires a shot at the elite, disabling the elites shield) No. The Great journey for you, ends here.
Helios: *silent*(Crouched looking at the ground)
Chaos:(Pulls the trigger, killing Helios)
-end of that part-
(Falcons patroling around the covenant base, UNSC soldiers walking around)

Base Leader: Well, seeing you spartans have just turned this battle upside down, ONI, has a mission for you, so your being shipped to ONI for the time being.
Chaos: Why are we being sent to ONI?
Base Leader: They have another task for you, they didn't tell me what it was since it's classified”pfft”. I'll call in a falcon for you.
(Base leader leaves)
(Akuma approaches Base leader)
Akuma: Sir, may I go with the spartans going to ONI?
Base Leader: You’d have to ask ‘em.
(Over by Chaos and co.)
Chaos: A classified mission, don't they have specialist that handle those sort of missions?
Pony: They do. It's all too strange.
Akuma: Hey, can I go to ONI with you guys?
Chaos: You’ve proven yourself to be right for any mission, damn good skills you’ve shown today, come with us, if ONI says anything, I’ll tell ‘em
(Base Leader walks up)
Base Leader: Alright the falcons are coming in to take you all to ONI.
(Falcons land at pad)
(chaos, pony, akuma get in the falcons, and the falcons take off and fly into the distant water)

Pilot: uhhh 2 dots on radar, hard to see what they are... wait, there banshees! Banshee’s inbound! Take a vase of action!(Falcons speed up, gunfire sprays at one banshee and the banshee’s taken down, but the other fires its banshee bolts*which will be damage altered to do more damage* and takes down both the pilots in one run, the banshee fly’s away, the falcons do a crash landing(Cliffhanger)
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FG Akuma
Veteran Forerunner
Veteran Forerunner
FG Akuma

Gamer Tag : FG Akuma53 Posts : 188
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PostSubject: Re: Machinima Episode #1   Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:10 am

Its so... BEAUTIFUL!

Dance Drift JDM!
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Machinima Episode #1
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